BPW KG has been widely known as a manufacturer of running gear for over a hundred years. In 2015, the company officially introduced four companies as the members of BPW Group. Two of them are from Denmark: ERMAX, a manufacturer of lighting components, and HBN-TEKNIK A/S, a manufacturer of plastic components, and the other two are German companies: F.HESTEBRG & SOEHNE GmbH, a manufacturer of metal parts for all kinds of trailers/ semi-trailers (from side supports and hinges to trailer doors) and IDEM TELEMATICS, which is the youngest company in BPW Group and is involved in development of trailer/semi-trailer tracking and information systems. This is how BPW Group was created, which today unites five manufacturers and several dozens of subsidiaries located in seventeen European countries, including Romasta in Lithuania.

All manufacturers belonging to BPW Group distribute their products as spare parts and supply them to the primary market for manufacturing purposes operating as OEMs. Such semi-trailer manufacturing giants as KRONE, SCHWARZMUELLER, FLIEGL, KOEGEL, WIELTON, SAF use the products supplied by BPW Group in their manufacturing process. It was for this purpose that a new term “System Partner” was introduced in 2015 defining yet another direction of BPW Group as a system partner for trailer and semi-trailer manufacturers