“Romasta” is a member of BPW Group known worldwide as a successful manufacturer of axles. As of 2013, the Company is a part of the Finnish company BPW Kraatz Oy.

During the 20 years of work, more than 80 highly qualified professionals united their effort and formed a team with the same goal – to provide premium quality services to customers and partners and promote cooperation based on trust and understanding.

“Romasta” is one of the pioneers in the development of spare part sales for heavy-duty vehicles. Presently, the company has 10 local branches and a wide network of partners.



  • 1995
    The company is founded in Kaunas
  • 1999
    A branch is established in Vilnius
  • 2004
    Branches are established in Šiauliai, Utena, Marijampole and Klaipeda
  • 2007
    A repair shop is opened in Kaunas
  • 2010
    Central warehouse in Kaunas 1600 m2
  • 2011
    A new business management system is acquired
  • 2012
    The second branch is established in Vilnius
  • 2013
    We are working on an international scale and join the BPW Group
  • 2014
    Technical maintenance partner network is developed
  • 2015
    The second branch is established in Kaunas
  • 2016
    The third branch is established in Vilnius
  • 2016
    Smart portable warehouse
  • 2017
    SIA "Latina Baltics" Lithuanian branch „Romasta group“
  • 2018
    "XL Parts Baltics SIA" branch
  • 2018
    (Lietuvių) Nauja verslo valdymo sistema
  • 2019
    (Lietuvių) Nauja internetinės prekybos platforma
  • 2020
    (Lietuvių) Naujas iššūkis – COVID-19
  • 2021
    (Lietuvių) UAB „Besko LT“
  • 2021
    (Lietuvių) UAB "Romasta Service"
  • 2021
    (Lietuvių) Įgyvendinta jau 17 upBox outdoor ir upBox indoor sprendimų Lietuvoje
  • 2022
    (Lietuvių) Pirmasis upBox Green sprendimas
  • 2023
    (Lietuvių) Padalinys Mažeikiuose
  • 2024
    (Lietuvių) Padalinys Panevėžyje


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European Truck Racing Championship in Madrid 2018

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Get to know BPW, Germany 2016

Rymax Event 2016 - RYMAX training - The Netherlands

Infomobile journey across Lithuania 2016


If you are responsible, energetic, creative and enthusiastic, if you wish to work in a constantly growing company where loyal employees are valued and duly rewarded, then come and join our team.


Let’s get to know each other:

This is me, Besko:


Expert Knowledge

I seek to be an expert in my field and face every challenge as an opportunity to seek perfection.


I am trusted and reliable because I am responsible, flexible and always prepared to identify and solve any problem.


We are professionals who feel and understand each other in pursuit of a common goal.